About me

Based in Colombia and New York City, Gabriel Ponton (b. 1995) found his passion for photography in high school, having a special interest in the human figure, portraits and fashion from an early age. As a natural observer, he grew up fascinated by the eccentricity and vivid colors of Carnival in his hometown of Barranquilla, which inspired him to begin exploring his creativity.

What started as just a hobby and a way to explore his artistic vision has since transformed into his career as a freelance fashion photographer; always seeking and exploring new ways of portraying beauty and grandiosity while maintaining a sense of vulnerability within his subjects.

Gabriel has worked with brands and designers such as Francesca Miranda, Daniela Salcedo, Beatriz Camacho, Fang NYC, Faride Ramos, Isla & White, Maria Roch, Tot-Hom Barcelona, among others throughout Latin America, Spain and New York. His editorial work has also been featured in printed and online publications such as Contributor Magazine, Revista Fucsia, Vogue Latinoamérica, TvyNovelas México, Kaltblut magazine and Neoque Magazine.